Our Practice

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What Sets Us Apart?

Everest Endodontics at its core is a special place. We believe this because we have built this place upon the foundation of our core values and the commitments we live by. These values are not just bullet point descriptions, but rather they are the basic fabric of how we work to ensure that our practice is one that our patients, referring doctors, and employees strive to belong to.  These values are a constant in our everyday practice; they are a veil adorning how we interact with one another and how we achieve our goals. Simply, they are what set us apart.

Our Core Values

The obligations we have for our patients and each other are motivated by the following principles:

  • Integrity – we act with high moral principles and believe in always doing the right thing
  • Honesty – we believe in always being truthful and trustworthy
  • Respect – we value each person as an individual
  • Compassion – we care for others as we do our own families
  • Quality - we believe that there can be no compromise on the quality of service we provide all our patients
  • Growth – we are always striving for continued personal and professional improvement
  • Gratitude – we are thankful for our profession where we are entrusted to care for the well-being of our patients
  • Duty and giving back – we feel responsible to each other and our community whose shoulders we stand on
  • Satisfaction – we work to satisfy and exceed all expectations before anyone even sets foot in our office
  • Safety – we cater to our patients who are fearful of dental treatment and support each one in overcoming their fear while allowing them to maintain control 

We understand that our continued existence and our ability to act according to the above values are based upon team we build around us. Our success is dependent upon our joint, collective energy, intelligence, and contributions. We are grateful to be entrusted with your care. We welcome and encourage you to find out how we honor our deep-rooted values to offer you a wonderful dental experience.